What We Do

Our name says it all.  We focus on what we are good at, income tax and payroll.  Our family business has been built on providing excellent customer service, attention to detail and by being available to our clients.  Referrals have also played a large part in the growth of our business and we wouldn’t be where we are now without the power of “word of mouth.”  What differentiates us from other payroll and tax providers is that we are available for you to meet with in person, by phone or by email at any time.  We also offer full charge bookkeeping services through one of our service providers.  Ask us for more details.  

Payroll Services

Payroll services are an essential aspect of any successful organization here in our nation’s capital. It is one area that is highly neglected but yet is one of the most important duties of any business owner regardless of how many employees your company has on payroll. At Canadian Payroll and Tax Services, we realize that small businesses have limited choices when it comes to payroll and many don’t know where to turn. From our research, cost is a big factor as well as being able to meet with an actual person. These are 2 factors that set us apart from our competition. Your company will have one main point of contact who will be available at all times for any payroll needs. Our rates are also highly competitive.

Income Tax Services
Practice Areas
  • Small Business Payroll

  • Monthly Remittance Reporting including WSIB and Source Deductions 

  • ​Personal Income Tax Preparation

  • Small Unincorporated Business Income Tax

  • Corporate Income tax Preparation

  • Assistance with disability certificate application and subsequent T1 Adjustments

Completing your annual income tax return is one of the most important duties as a Canadian Citizen and Business. Most people no matter how small or large their income, are unable to manage their own tax returns properly so that they receive the best return. At Canadian Payroll and Tax Services in Ottawa, we ensure that all applicable credits are being applied so that our clients receive the best possible return on their taxes as possible.   Our company can assist with your personal income tax returns, small unincorporated business income tax returns as well as with corporate income tax returns.