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Personal Income Tax

We'll take care of all your personal income-tax accounting, and tax needs. Stop by our office or schedule a virtual meeting for your personal income-tax consultation!

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Personal Income Tax Checklist

Be prepared before your meeting by following the list below. Items may vary depending on your unique situation, so we advise booking your initial consultation call for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

  • Social Insurance Number
  • T4 Form (From Employer)
  • Net Income Amounts from Spouse and Dependents (if applicable)
  • Notice of Assessment from last year (if applicable)
  • Receipts/Write Offs (if applicable)
  • Investment Related Tax Documents (if applicable)

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Serving Ottawa for Over 37 Years

Quality Service You Can Depend On

Our Personal Income-Tax solutions aim to optimize your deductions and enhance your profits. We are committed to providing exceptional value by maintaining prices that are, on average, more competitive than those of other tax service providers. Our services include tax guidance, assistance with reporting and installment deadlines, and personalized service plans that align with your financial objectives and financial resources. We offer the following services and benefits to help maximize your return:

  • File Acquisition

    Asking for the right materials and files to ensure a smooth process.

  • Write-Off/Claims Analysis

    Looking over and reviewing all claims to ensure filing success.

  • Filing Advice

    After reviewing all necessary materials, providing advice on how to improve the file.

  • Convenient

    Book in-person at one of our two office locations or book a virtual meeting.  

  • Responsive

    We reply to our clients quickly to ensure timely filings that meet government tax deadlines. 

  • Precise

    We double check and confirm all submissions before finalizing your return before the tax deadline. 

Canadian Payroll and Tax Services in

Benefits of Professionally Filing

Filing properly and maximize your returns has many long term benefits.

  • You may receive a positive tax return. Putting money back in your pocket.
  • Avoid penalties and interest when you file on time.
  • Receive applicable benefits that match your situation (e.g., Canada Child Tax Benefit).
  • Start building your RRSP contribution limit.
  • Receive back a notice of assessment and other important documents.
  • NOA's and other tax return documents can help get you approved for major life purchases such as a home.

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We study every detail of your file, documents and unique situation to delivery maximum returns.

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